As Art Consultants, we help you select and acquire art — including paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures — for your home, business, or collection. Sometimes, it’s for decorative purposes. For instance, a corporation might hire an Art Consultant to choose brand-appropriate art for its offices, or a hotel to choose eye-catching pieces for its guest rooms.

Our duties typically include assessing our clients’ needs and tastes, including your likes and dislikes; staying abreast of trends, including which Artists are hot and which pieces are for sale; working with auction houses and galleries to source art; advising on purchases, based on criteria such as theme, budget, and value; commissioning original artwork for our clients; appraising the art in owners’ collections; and framing then installing new purchases.

Because many people are intimidated and mystified by it, we’re basically a Seeing Eye dog with a nose for good art. 


We have thousands of images that are provided by our partners that are available for your home or business.


Our art consultants will meet with you and help you decide your needs and then source your art. We also work with a great number of artists that can produce that one-of-a-kind special piece that have not yet been created.

Turn your ideas into original pieces of art!

We are focused on solving the challenges faced by interior designers and collectors alike when it comes to sourcing artwork.  Rather than spending increasing amounts of time sourcing existing artworks from studios, galleries or catalogs, you can commission art exactly the way you want it.  We turn your ideas into original pieces.

We can create any number of paintings for you, from a single canvas for a domestic setting, to 100's of pieces of art for a hotel.  We can create paintings in any medium or style, including oil, traditional watercolors or works in pastels, acrylics or pen and ink.  

Depending on the project, our turn around time can be anywhere from 6-8 weeks, longer for larger projects.