Furniture & Home Decor Consignment HERE


MORA Art and Interior Design (M.A.I.D.) will evaluate the artwork and it's ability to successfully market the work on your behalf.  If so, we will research current market pricing and forward a suggested retail price.  If acceptable, M.A.I.D. would forward a completed consignment agreement for signature by both parties and consign the work for sale. M.A.I.D. will then market and advertise the works to its collector base.  Some of the standard terms of the consignment are listed below for review.

  • The consignor warrants that the work is authentic, he/she is the legal owner of the artwork free of all encumbrances, and agrees to consign the artwork exclusively to M.A.I.D. for the term of the contract.  The consignor further warrants that he/she will not sell the artwork during the term of the contract.
  • The initial term of the consignment agreement is ninety (90) days.  After the initial term, the consignment agreement converts to a month to month contract with a minimum thirty (30) day written notice of cancellation required.
  • Transport or shipment of the artwork to and from the M.A.I.D. Organization is the responsibility of the consignor.
  • M.A.I.D. retains the right to refuse artwork upon final inspection due to damage or misrepresentation of the artwork.
  • 70% ARTIST 30% M.A.I.D.

Please request a complete consignment agreement to review all of the terms and conditions of consignment.