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Consignors:  Must be at least 18 years old and must own the items being consigned. If you are interested in consigning with us you must first email or text us a picture of the item for approval.  No un-approved drop offs will be accepted.

Consignable Items:  We consign only furniture and home decor that are in near perfect condition and have a resale value of at least $60. We do not consign mattresses, bedding, window treatments, appliances, tools, electronics, clothing, jewelry, toys, or books.

Control of consigned items:  Once an item is consigned with us, we maintain it in our possession control for a period of 60-90 days. The item still belongs to you, however you are granting us the exclusive right to sell the item for you.

Delivery of items to our store:  We currently do not offer assistance with pick up. Many of our clients contact dolly On Demand for their pick up and drop off needs.

Consignment Splits:  We’ll sell your consigned items for a 50/50 split of the sale proceeds. If you have a very high-value item, we may be willing to consign that item at an even lower rate.

Consignment Period:  Your items would be consigned for 60-90 days. Near the end of the consignment period, we will send you an email stating that your contract is about to expire. Upon expiration, you’ll have 7 days to retrieve it, or you could simply leave it with us, at which point it would become our property. Failure to retrieve your items could result in loss of your property and/or storage fees.

Our goal is to sell items within a couple weeks of advertising them. We set prices to sell quickly and we negotiate with buyers! Before we consign an item, we’ll examine it, do some research on it, and get back to you with an “original asking price” that we will initially advertise the item for and a “minimum sale price” that will be the lowest price we would sell an item for. The minimum sale price will typically be about 50% of the original asking price.

Markdowns:  If an item isn’t selling, it’s price is probably too high. So if an item hasn't sold after 30 days, we’ll start a reduction by 10%, and if it hasn’t sold after 60 days, we’ll give another reduction totaling 20% of the original asking price.

Pay To You:  Per your request we will mail you a check for your portion of total sales each month (after deducting our consignment fee), on the 15th of the following month. (or hold your monies in your account until you request a payout) With the check we will include a summary of each item sold with its description, sale price, and consignment fee. You also have the option of online service which will allow you to see, in real time, your transactions and balances.  This comes with a fee of $5 per month.

Removal From Consignment:  You may remove any or all of your items from consignment at any time during the consignment period subject to an early termination fee of 25% of the original asking price of the item. Since we put significant time and effort into advertising your items and deal with numerous customer responses on our phones, we unfortunately need to charge you for this expended time and effort. If you terminate early, you’ll have 5 days to retrieve your items.

Item Loss:  We will take the risk! If an Item is damaged, destroyed, or lost due to fire, water, theft, damage caused during moving, or any other cause while it is in our possession, we will reimburse you for the loss, up to a maximum of the minimum sale price for the item at the time of loss minus the consignment fee that would have been charged if the item had been sold on consignment.