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COMMUNITY VIBRANCY through Interior Decorating and Design  

To provide communities with teams of professionals and student interior decorators/designers to teach and help liven and brighten up homes and varying community institutions.

The purpose of funding this program is to buy art supplies and tools to refinish furniture, paints and paint brushes to freshen walls and to offset payment to staff that will help train and work with recipients of this program. This project is aimed to complete 12 homes (2 rooms) / institutions (one large space) per yr.

***website mention at end of video has been updated to www.moraartanddesign.com

To offer free or reduced art classes to anyone that cannot afford them. To go into hospitals, nursing homes, behavioral institutions and worship houses to share art.

The purpose of funding this program is to purchase art supplies and pay transportation fees in order to provide free art in and throughout the Chicago-land area, hoping to start at one end of the city and get as far throughout as we can, visiting the sick, elderly and incarcerated first. We are geared to visit 4 institutions per month.


M.A.I.D. is here to help visual artists and aspiring interior decorators/designers promote and develop the skills they need to manage their own careers. Included is information regarding exhibition and marketing alternatives, galleries, resumes, documentation contracts and business negotiations. We will discuss your goals and a methodology to achieve those goals.  You will receive straightforward feedback with information to implement immediately.  

The purpose of funding this program is to take in, mentor and train up-and-coming artists and interior decorators/designers on the strategy of managing their business as well as give them experience needed to land an entry level position in these fields. We work with seasoned professionals that will train and consult artists and designers on everything from writing bios to completing contracts.  We also offer various services to help maintain organization and a clutter free business.