We are so delighted to introduce the newest member of our organization. M.A.I.D. has a new face for all of the sick peanuts that get released from the hospital into the care of their loving families. Our newest program, which is part of our Community Vibrancy project, will proudly and FOREVER be called "Zoe's Room".

You see, although Zoe is no longer here with us, except in spirit, she has left her mark on all that knew her and to those (like me) who only knew of her story by following her journey on Facebook. Not only did Zoe touch the hearts of so many while she spent such a short time here on earth; she is going to continue to touch the hearts of many more as she plays around up there in heaven.

Zoe's Room will donate to sick children nationwide a room makeover so that they can go home to a special place. A place to relax and enjoy. M.A.I.D. understands that it can be very overwhelming to bring a sick one home to care for and we simply want to make sure that our little sick peanuts, as well as their care givers, have a place of retreat to in their very own homes.

Help me in welcoming lil Ms. Zoe and her loving mommy Kel Lz to M.A.I.D. ‪#‎teamzoe‬‪#‎hernamewillliveon‬